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Make the most of your one day in Cairo with this jam-packed (15 page!) itinerary. Our local experts recommend where to go and what to do for a streamlined, time-efficient day in Cairo.


This itinerary includes:


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner - AND we include different options!
  • Morning sightseeing
  • Afternoon sightseeing
  • Nighttime activities
  • The needed duration for each site so you can budget your time accordingly
  • Where to get the best souvenirs
  • Transportation
  • Local tips and insider information that you can't find elsewhere online
  • Pictures
  • Opening hours and entrance fee information for all sites
  • Menus for the restaurants
  • Useful clickable links for more in-depth information


This itinerary will cover Ancient Egypt, medieval Cairo, modern Cairo, Egyptian culture, best local food and much, much more. 

1 Day Itinerary for Cairo, Egypt

  • Format: PDF

    Length: 15 pages

    Ramadan Disclaimer: the opening hours in this itinerary are subject to change during the Islamic month of Ramadan. 

    Important note: all restaurants, hotels, venues, transportation methods and everything else mentioned in this itinerary are 100% honest recommendations based on our local expertise. We have not been paid by any entity to promote them in this itinerary. This is totally ad-free. 

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