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About Us

Hi there, welcome to the Local’s Guide to Egypt!


As the name suggests, we’re a group of local Egyptians who were born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. We’re not official tour guides or anything like that, just normal people who love to travel and explore (probably like you) and really want to share our local knowledge of Egypt in an honest and authentic kind of way.


So we created our Egypt travel website and blog for just that -- it’s full of city guides, itineraries, recommendations, packing lists and tips and tricks for all things Egypt.

Whether you're a first time visitor to Egypt, an expat or an Egyptian local like us looking for new experiences, we’re not going to sell you any kind of fake promotional BS. We promise to always keep it real in our articles and to help you set realistic expectations.

Ready to start planning your trip to Egypt?

Download one of our itineraries! We're not exaggerating or selling false promises when we say there's nothing else like them online. They give you the guidance of a local, without the rigidity of a tour group. Also, it's a great way to support our website doing what we love most - promoting the best of Egypt in an honest, ethical way.

Click on the button below to get yours!

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