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12 Chill Places To Have Dinner & Drinks in Maadi

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Maadi is home to quite a few restaurants and cafes (Road 9 is just about ready to burst at the seams with them), but how many of them can you actually have a laid-back beer or a glass of wine at while having lunch or dinner?

So if you’ve had a long day at work and want to eat, unwind and avoid chaotic cafes or seedy bars, these Maadi destinations are for you.

1. Estro

Estro. Places To Have Dinner & Drinks in Maadi

Cuisine: Italian

Also known as the ‘Sicilian Rooftop’, this restobar is found on the 9th floor of the Royal Maadi Hotel on Road 18. Opened by the same owners of Frank &Co, Maadi’s favorite tapas bar (below), Estro delivers the same quality but this time in the form of Italian favorites.

Local tip: go right before sunset, the views are awesome. Reservations needed.

2. Bua Khao

Bua Khao. Places To Have Dinner & Drinks in Maadi

Cuisine: Thai

Owned and spearheaded by a Thai family for the past 20 years, this award-winning little restaurant is hidden off of one of the many midans of Maadi. Their menu is large but not too large, with straightforward and sensible Thai dish descriptions instead of the generic “fish soup” menu entries found in many of Cairo’s other Asian restaurants. Beer and wine are served as well.

3. Frank &Co

Frank and co. Places To Have Dinner & Drinks in Maadi

Cuisine: International

As mentioned above, Frank &Co has the same owners as Estro, so it makes sense that they’re right next to each other on Road 18 (albeit Frank &Co is street level while Estro is a rooftop). Frank &Co opened a few years back as a much-needed tapas bar in Maadi, and has both indoor and outdoor seating.

4. The Tap

The Tap. Places To Have Dinner & Drinks in Maadi

Cuisine: International

While The Tap at night is not what we’d call chill, if you go early enough when it’s still empty, you’ll be able to partake in their buckets of wings and other pub favorites like burgers, sandwiches, nachos and other bar foods while having a draft beer.

Local tip: every Sunday they have an all-you-can-eat wings deal.

5. Kokio

Kokio. Places To Have Dinner & Drinks in Maadi

Cuisine: Korean

Ah, the king of fried chicken (sorry KFC). This little Korean restaurant is known by all those Maadi-savvy (and chicken-savvy) for having literally some of the best fried chicken in the country. They have original, spicy, soy (flavored with onion, garlic and crushed red pepper), garlic fried, onion fried, and you can order half a chicken or full chicken (or chicken tenders). You can also wash down all that fried goodness with beer.

6. Villa 55

Villa 55. Places To Have Dinner & Drinks in Maadi

Cuisine: International

Villa 55 is very circa 15 years ago, but it is indeed still open and still serving beer and wine at their restaurant (besides their cellar bar, Pub 55). The food isn’t anything to write home about, but they do the basics fairly decently, besides having both an indoor and outdoor section (plus shisha). Avoid match nights if you don’t want a bunch of screens blasting though.

7. Dragon House

Dragon House. Places To Have Dinner & Drinks in Maadi

Cuisine: Chinese, Thai, Indian

The interesting thing about Dragon House is that their menu is divided into thirds: Chinese, Thai and Indian. So you can either stick to one cuisine or order a bunch of dishes from all three, all while enjoying a beer. The restaurant itself is on the second floor of a commercial building on Road 9 in Maadi, and is usually missed because you literally have to look *up* to see its sign (which most people do not). You then ascend a shady staircase, and voila, you’re in a very red and green restaurant.

The decor is a bit dated, as is the place itself, but hey, that’s because it’s been open for around 20 years now!

8. Peking

Cuisine: Asian Fusion

Ah, Peking. A childhood classic (maybe without the alcohol in that case though lol). The Maadi branch is known for its little dance floor and bar on weekend nights, and during the day it has a regular restaurant vibe with the menu that we all know and love, plus a cocktail menu to sit back and enjoy.

9. Lan Yuan

Lan Yuan. Places To Have Dinner & Drinks in Maadi

Cuisine: Chinese

Lan Yuan has been open for the past 25 years at least, so what does that tell you about its staying power? It’s small and cozy and has all the Chinese staples you’d expect, for reasonable prices as well -- and the food is good. They also have a full (local) bar so while some people go for dinner and a drink, some just go for a quiet drink.

10. Mermaid

Mermaid. Places To Have Dinner & Drinks in Maadi

Cuisine: Italian

Another old-school Maadi restaurant that’s been around for more than 30 years (for more of our favorite restaurants from the 90s that are still open till now, head here). Mermaid is a small, cozy Italian restaurant and one of the first eating establishments to grace Road 9. They serve wine and beer to go along with your pizza and pastas.

11. Sakura Sushi

Sakura Sushi. Places To Have Dinner & Drinks in Maadi

Cuisine: Japanese

A tiny place in Degla serving up all your sushi cravings -- and if you have a friend who isn’t the fondest of sushi, they also have teppanyaki, rice, noodle dishes and soups. And like the rest of the restaurants on this list, beer is served. Closed on Sundays.

12. Siyuan Dumpling Restaurant

Cuisine: Chinese

Usually referred to as just 'the dumpling restaurant', this little restaurant serves up all sorts of dumplings and a huge menu of other Chinese dishes. The staff don't speak any Arabic of English, so you order by pointing to the picture of the dish you want. They also offer beer.

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