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12 Travel Destinations in Egypt Perfect For The Fall

Updated: Jan 22

One of the best things about Egypt is that beach weather doesn’t end in August like the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. If anything, fall is one of the best seasons to vacation in Egypt because it’s warm enough to go to the beach or spend time in the desert, but cool enough that you won’t have to worry about sunstroke or soaring temperatures.

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So whether you’re a non-Egyptian who isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to summer yet, or a local who wants to make the most of the best weather of the year, these 12 travel destinations in Egypt have something for everyone.

Local tip: beach weather on the Red Sea is great up until mid-December give or take, when it gets a bit chilly.

Ras Sudr

Kite Buzz Ras Sedr. 12 Travel Destinations in Egypt Perfect For The Fall

Ras Sudr (pronounced Ras Sedr) is a small stretch of coast on the Gulf of Suez inlet of the Red Sea, and only recently began to rise in popularity due to its ideal kitesurfing conditions and being only a few hours’ drive from Cairo.

It’s still pretty underdeveloped, but you’ll find a handful of beach hotels to stay at, the most notable being Matarma Bay, Fade Hotel at the La Hacienda compound and Bayside. Most people spend their days at the various kite centers (like Soul in La Hacienda, Kite Buzz in Paradise Resort and Fly in Green Sudr Resort) which also double up as restaurants/beach bars.

Things to do in Ras Sudr in the fall: kitesurf, swim, enjoy a Sinai beach without having to drive too far from Cairo

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Fayoum. 12 Travel Destinations in Egypt Perfect For The Fall

Fayoum, about an hour and a half from Cairo, has always been known as a great nature retreat and break from the city. Fayoum has a lot of great camping spots, like on sand dunes right on the shore of Magic Lake (named for its changing water color according to time of day), or near Lake Qarun (Fayoum’s oasis, the biggest in Egypt) or close to the Wadi el Rayan waterfalls.

Fayoum itself is an ancient city (read more about it at 7 Modern Egyptian Cities More Than 5,000 Years Old) and is an interesting mix of desert, water, greenery, urban and rural life and modern and ancient life.

Things to do in Fayoum in the fall: sandboard, explore Tunis Village, visit the Wadi el Rayan Waterfalls, see the ancient whale bones at Wadi El Hitan (Whale Valley), which is one of Egypt’s 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, see the petrified forest, discover Fayoum’s ancient ruins.

Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh has been a top trending travel destination forever now, and according to Dive Magazine, “Sharm El Sheikh has been, for many years, the favourite Egyptian destination for scuba divers, and has probably contributed more to the European dive business than any other resort in the world.”

So it’s safe to say that Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most famous Egyptian Red Sea Riviera destinations internationally, and even if you don't dive, their beach resorts are reason enough to visit. It’s also a good base for trips to the Sinai Mountains, St. Catherine’s Monastery and Ras Mohammed National Park.

Things to do in Sharm in the fall: swim, sunbathe, dive, snorkel, go on a boat trip, go on day trips to interesting neighboring spots in Sinai

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Dahab. 12 Travel Destinations in Egypt Perfect For The Fall

This little bohemian town is smaller, quieter and less commercial than its Red Sea Riviera neighbor Sharm el Sheikh, but the diving is just as good. Home to world-renowned dive sites like the Blue Hole, Dahab pulls in its own fair share of tourists, but those who want to experience a more laid-back vacation.

The main area of town is its seaside promenade, full of local and quirkily-named restaurants and shops. There are also hostels and budget hotels galore. You can also hike to and camp in nearby Ras Abu Galoum and Blue Lagoon. Similar to Sharm, Dahab is also a popular base for treks into the Sinai Mountains and St. Catherine’s Monastery.

Things to do in Dahab in the fall: dive, snorkel, swim, try the seaside restaurants, bars and cafes on the promenade, visit Ras Abu Galoum, go mountain trekking or bouldering, visit neighboring spots in Sinai

Siwa Oasis

Siwa. 12 Travel Destinations in Egypt Perfect For The Fall

Located in the Western Desert but much closer to the Libyan border is Egypt's most famous (and most remote) oasis, Siwa. Thousands of Egyptians and foreigners alike visit each year to experience Siwa's unique history, heritage and culture (they even have their own language which is closer to Berber than Arabic). And culture aside, Siwa's natural charms alone are worth visiting, from the vibrant greenery at the edge of the Great Sand Sea to their crystal-clear salt lakes and wide expanses of olive and palm trees.

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Siwa to a large extent is untouched by modernity and all its tech-y trappings (Siwa was isolated from the rest of Egypt up until the 1980s when a road connecting it to Marsa Matrouh was built), so it's an ideal place to camp and get away from it all. Camping under the Milky Way in the Great Sand Sea is something that you won't be forgetting any time soon!

Things to do in Siwa in the fall: visit Shali Fortress, Mountain of the Dead, Cleopatra's Bath, the Temple of the Oracle of Alexander the Great, swim in the hot springs and ride the sand dunes on a desert safari. Siwa is also known for its natural climatic therapy.

Ras Shetan/Nuweiba

Ras Shetan and Nuweiba. 12 Travel Destinations in Egypt Perfect For The Fall

Nestled between mountains and the Red Sea’s Gulf of Aqaba is a strip of coastline called Ras Shetan, between the towns of Nuweiba and Taba on the Sinai peninsula.

Both Nuweiba (a little beach town) and Ras Shetan are known for their get-away-from-it-all beach camps, usually run by local Bedouins. The camps are a mix of beach huts or bare-bone chalets, and you’re more than welcome to set up your own tents right on the beach. At night, there’s usually a large campfire where the Bedouins and guests from all over the world talk, play instruments and sing.

Nuweiba and Ras Shetan are also a good place to stay if you want to explore the Colored Canyon and Wadi Wishwashi in the nearby Nuweiba mountains.

Things to do in Ras Shetan and Nuweiba in the fall: camp on a beach, disconnect, swim, stargaze, enjoy a fire at night, read, play cards, visit Castle Zaman, explore the Nuweiba mountains


If you're interested in Ancient Egypt, then Luxor is the first place to go once summer ends and the heat starts letting up. Modern Luxor stands where the Ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes once was, and is still home to Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple and the Valley of the Kings and Queens, among dozens of other Ancient Egyptian sites.

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Things to do in Luxor in the fall: visit the incredible temples and tombs of Ancient Egyptian, take a Nile cruise down to Aswan

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