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7 Best Caterers in Cairo For All Events

Sage Experience. Best catering in Cairo Egypt
The Sage Experience

It’s an exciting time in Cairo not just for the booming restaurant scene, but for catering experiences as well. Long gone are the days of your standard cookie-cutter catered dinners or events, where each caterer was identical to the next and the food and overall experience was fine but forgettable. Not anymore!

Some of Cairo’s best caterers are really pulling out the stops when it comes to not just the diversity and taste of their culinary creations, but also the full experience and ambience as well. They realize that the ideal catering experience is not just about what you eat, but what you see and feel as well. We’re a long way from the stale mini-sandwiches, mediocre buffets and bored-looking servers that we associated with catering when we were growing up in Cairo, that’s for sure!

Whether you need a caterer for an unforgettable life event like a wedding, or a more high-octane corporate event, or something small and intimate like a dinner at home or even just a date night, these are the seven best caterers that Cairo has to offer. 

1. The Sage Experience

Sage Experience. Best Caterers in Cairo Egypt

If you’re looking for the top award-winning catering service in Cairo, look no further than The Sage Experience. They were the 2023 recipient of the ‘Experiential Dining Business’ award by Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards (EEA), so it’ll come as no surprise that The Sage Experience is not just about top-notch food, but a world-class 360 dining experience as well. Only the very best for your guests!

Sage Experience. Best Caterers in Cairo Egypt

The Sage Experience was first launched by Amr Barghash and Ahmed El Meligy in 2020 as a way to bring that restaurant dining experience we love and missed during quarantine to your home. The food and ambience provided were such a hit that The Sage Experience soon started expanding from seated dinners at home to catered culinary events of all types and sizes – we’re talking everything from important corporate events, private celebrity dinners (hello, Backstreet Boys!), romantic date nights for two, unforgettable dinner parties, 5,000+ attendee events, you name it! And as their name suggests, when you choose The Sage Experience as your caterer, you’re not just getting food – you’re getting a whole experience that will leave you and your guests buzzing for the foreseeable future. 

Sage Experience. Best caterers in Cairo Egyt

You can check out The Sage Experience’s stunning culinary events here: The Sage Experience

Or you can call them directly at: +201156956555

2. The Cookery Co.

Cookery and Co. Best caterers in Cairo Egypt

We love a strong women-led company, and three like-minded Egyptian women banded together in 2016 to establish The Cookery Co., which started off as a simple home catering service for limited numbers but then grew into one of Cairo’s most popular and expansive caterers today. 

They not only cater, but offer gorgeous tablescapes and grazing stations that are Instagram moments in and of themselves. We’re talking everything from Garden of Eden themed grazing tables to live Mexican taco stations to exquisite seated dinners. You can work with The Cookery Co.’s team to customize every detail of your event, from the menu to the decor to the lighting and seating. They cater everything from corporate events to weddings to even fondue nights!

Cooking Co. Best caterers in Cairo Egypt

A quick idea of some of the different international menus they offer (and that you can tweak): buffet, finger food, seated dinners, weddings, coffee break, ‘fork & bowl’, Asian nights and kids’ menu.

To see their beautiful setups and menus: The Cookery Co.

Or you can call them directly at: 01102106568 - 01144200044

3. Avec Karim

Avec Karim. Best caterers in Cairo Egypt

If you’re looking for a more avant garde, haute gastronomic experience than your standard catering service, look no further than Avec Karim. From weddings to events at places like The Grand Egyptian Museum or Paris Fashion Week to lunches at the Pyramids, Avec Karim can pull it off with high flair. If you’re looking for more private dinners, there is also Privé by Avec Karim.

Avec Karim. Best caterers in Cairo Egypt

Avec Karim catering is headed by Chef Karim Abdel Rahman, an École Ducasse official partner and ambassador who was culinary-trained abroad in Switzerland and France, and even had the opportunity to work as a chef for Guy Savoy, a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Paris.

So if you’re looking for that Michelin star feel for your event in Cairo, look no further than Avec Karim. 

For more info: Avec Karim and Avec Karim Privé

4. Tamr Jannah

Tamr Jannah. Best caterers in Cairo Egypt

If for your event you want something more classic and leaning towards Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine, Tamr Jannah has been in the catering business for almost 20 years.

Their menus: events, mini events, ‘3azoumas’, family meals, finger foods and frozen foods.

For more info and to see their menus: Tamr Jannah

5. Crave Catering

Crave Catering. Best caterers in Cairo Egypt

Who isn’t familiar with everyone’s comfort food restaurant, Crave? Yup the long-loved restaurant Crave has its own catering arm. They do everything from weddings to corporate catering to beach BBQs and more. 

For more info: Crave Catering

6. Trés Bon

Tres Bon. Best caterers in Cairo Egypt

Another old-school beloved restaurant in Cairo, originally opening its doors in Korba in 1994, then expanding into several more branches as well as catering.

For more info: Tres Bon or their hotline 19947

7. Sett El Biet

Sett El Biet. Best caterers in Cairo Egypt

If you’re looking for old-school Egyptian and oriental food, and a lot of it, then Sett el Biet is for you. They specialize in buffets filled with the classics like grilled kofta, kobeiba, vine leaves, chicken pane, different types of mahshi, macaroni bechamel, roasted turkey, kabsa and more.

For more info: Sett El Biet

Happy eating!

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The pictures on seem unbelievable to me. Stunning as they are, each of these images tells a unique and poignant story. Your ability to convey the mood and essence of a scene is second to none. Your obvious passion for the sport shines through in every photo you take. Your craftsmanship is impeccable, and the wedding presents you're creating are really heirloom-worthy.

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