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8 Catering Services in Cairo For Your Next Event At Home

Whether it’s a Ramadan gathering, a birthday, a dinner party or you just feel like catering both for and to yourself, there are numerous catering services in Cairo that can take care of just that. They all offer Egyptian homemade classics as well as party favorites, so no matter what kind of food you need, these tried and true caterers have got you covered. Check out their FB pages to read previous customers’ reviews.

1. Mumm

Technology meets Egyptian home cooking. With Mumm, you order the dishes and quantities you want online (you can get them either delivered hot or frozen) from a team of female Egyptian home cooks. Each food item has a rating too from previous customers.

Time needed: you can place your order 24 hours before you need your food to arrive.

For more info: Mumm

2. Tamr Jannah

Established in 2006, Tamr Jannah offers catering for everything from home gatherings to big events. They have three separate extensive menus: events, finger food and ‘3zoumat’ (home dinner parties), and can also provide waiters, dishes and cutlery. You just go on their website and pick and choose different items from the menu that suits your needs the best, then give them a call. They also have a special sohour menu in Ramadan.

Time needed: 5 days to a week for the finger food and ‘3zoumat’ menu, and 2 weeks for big events (100+ people).

For more info: Tamr Jannah

3. The Caterer

Brought to you by the owners of Mori Sushi, Mince and Tamara, The Caterer is a new catering (obviously) service that just opened recently, with their message being “tailor your own catering experience”. They offer oriental and international food, salads, finger foods, sushi, BBQ, a pasta station, burgers, desserts and a kids’ corner.

Time needed: 48 hours in advance.

For more info: The Caterer

4. Zakuski Appetizers/Catering

Zakuski not only offers catering, but it’s also the first specialized appetizers store in Cairo. If you want to do a sohour or a finger-food type event, then look no further. Their menu has everything from canapes, zero preservative chutneys, sandwiches, cheese platters, tooooons of appetizers (things like konafa chicken, beef satay, vine leaves, kobeba, sambousek, spring rolls, etc.), salads, baked goods, desserts, detox drinks and more.

Time needed: the appetizers you pick up at their store in Heliopolis are ready to be cooked in 5 minutes, and the catering depends on the order.

For more info: Zakuski Appetizers/Catering

5. IRG Catering

Brought to you by the company that manages Casper and Gambini’s and Zeitouna Lebanese Bistro, is IRG (International Restaurants Group) Catering. They cater everything from home gatherings to big corporate events, and you can choose the option of drop-and-go (they just drop off the food), or full service with wait staff and the required cutlery.

Time needed: depends on the order

For more info: IRG Catering

6. Sett El Biet

If you’re looking for old-school Egyptian and oriental food, and a lot of it, then Sett el Biet is for you. They specialize in buffets filled with the classics like grilled kofta, chicken pane, different types of mahshi, macaroni bechamel, minced meat goulash, roasted turkey, salads and sambousek, spaghetti, kabsa rice and more. They also offer a lot of different deals with pricing as low as 85 EGP per person.

Time needed: depends on the order

For more info: Sett El Biet

7. Bon Appetit

If Bon Appetit still has a special place in your heart since your childhood (for more classic 90s restaurants in Cairo that are still open until now, head here), you’ll be happy to know that they do catering alongside their regular restaurant service. They cater events as small as five people up to huge events of 200 people.

Time needed: depends on the order

For more info: Bon Appetit Catering

8. Home Made Catering

As the name suggests, Home Made Catering is for those times when you’re inviting people over and just want some comforting, home cooked food. The founder, Maha Alfy, has been offering comfort food catering for over 20 years, and her menu repertoire is massive -- everything from paella to shawerma to Egyptian and Lebanese fattah to Saudi kabsa and Chinese beef. They can prepare the order either to be stored or served hot, and you can either pick it up yourself or they’ll deliver for an extra charge.

Time needed: depends on the order

For more info: Home Made Catering

Happy eating!

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