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5 Best Egyptian Natural Skincare, Haircare and Beauty Brands

Best Egyptian Natural Skincare and Beauty Brands

Clean, natural and organically-made cosmetics, skincare and haircare are the best beauty products you can buy for both yourself and the environment as a whole, and Egypt is an ideal place to find just that. Why? Because we’ve been the experts in it for millennia! And today, the best Egyptian natural skincare and beauty brands all imbibe the expertise and the same incredible organic ingredients unique to Egypt that have been used for thousands of years.

Cosmetics, perfume and skincare in Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians were some of the very first people to develop, use and appreciate makeup, perfume and skincare on a daily basis – and we’re talking well over 5,000 years ago!

And by the way, it wasn’t just women; while these days we’re seeing a rise in men using things like nail polish or ‘guyliner’, cosmetics were in fact used back in Ancient Egypt by both men and women, and across all socio-economic classes. 

It goes without saying that obviously all their makeup and skincare were made from natural materials, and it wasn’t just for vanity purposes. The Ancient Egyptians used a myriad of different natural products on their faces and skin for protection from the elements, as well as in religious rituals and even daily practical uses. 

So all this to say that the concept of natural makeup and skincare is deeply enmeshed in Egyptian culture, waaaay before the big beauty brands (and chemicals galore) made the industry the multi-billion dollar one it is today. 

So if you’re looking for some great, natural Egyptian products, using many of the same ingredients they did back in Ancient Egypt, these are some of the local Egyptian skincare and beauty brands to check out.


Nefertari. Best Egyptian Natural Skincare and Beauty Brands

One of the most popular 100% natural beauty and body care brands in Egypt with dozens of stores peppered over the country, Nefertari started with a small line of natural soaps. It has since blossomed into an array of different products like: creams and lotions, exfoliating scrubs, bath salts, oils, hair care, masks and wraps, foot care, aromatic water, lip and eye products, perfumes and even untreated cotton towels and bed linen.

They also have a range called “Pharaonic Line”, with embroidered pharaonic symbols on towels and some of the same beauty products the pharaohs used, like natural kohl. They also have really cute gift baskets for friends who aren’t Egyptian.

You can find their whole product line plus where to find them (or online order) at Nefertari’s website.

Areej Aromatherapy

Areej Aromatherapy. Best Egyptian Natural Skincare and Beauty Brands

Areej, meaning beautiful fragrance, began in 2008 as the first natural aromatherapy line in Egypt and the Middle East. Deeply inspired by the natural botanicals grown in the healing Nile soil, Areej Aromatherapy wanted to provide the best therapeutic essential oils to those looking to enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Areej Aromatherapy. Best Egyptian Natural Skincare and Beauty Brands

Essential oils have been used over millennia to treat not only skin and hair conditions but to help anxiety, depression and even pain. Areej Aromatherapy’s oils were so popular that they expanded into other therapeutic products, as well as beauty and skincare. All of their products use natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients that aren’t tested on animals nor harm the environment.

You can find their list of stores in Cairo as well as shop their products online on Areej Aromatherapy’s website.



Hathor. Best Egyptian Natural Skincare and Beauty Brands

Hathor started a few years back when its founder was looking for high quality, cold-pressed oils for her baby daughter’s skin. Cold-pressing oil is a form of naturally extracting the oil from a seed or fruit using no external heat, which retains the oil’s purity as well as its natural antioxidants, aromas and flavor. Cold-pressed oils are an excellent way to nourish and hydrate skin and hair without any added chemicals.

Hathor. Best Egyptian Natural Skincare and Beauty Brands

Hathor launched its own cold-pressed oil line for skincare and haircare, then added candles, incense, soaps and hand lotions. 

You can find Hathor products online on their website or at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square or the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat.

Black Lotus

Black Lotus. Best Egyptian Natural Skincare and Beauty Brands

Black Lotus has a large collection of natural products for everything ranging from soaps, liquid face washes, shower gels, facial oils, moisturizers, toners, eye cream, eyelash serum, beard oil for men, shampoo, conditioner, hair cream, body lotion, natural sunscreen, footcare cream, scrubs, bath salts, natural deodorants, sprays, and of course a wide range of essential oils. They even have a natural shampoo for your dog!

Hathor. Best Egyptian Natural Skincare and Beauty Brands

You can order online from their Instagram or you can visit their stores at Arkan in Sheikh Zayed or Point 90 Mall in New Cairo.


Mojsoap. Best Egyptian Natural Skincare and Beauty Brands

In the market for absolutely beautiful, 100% natural Egyptian soap? Look no further than Mojsoap. Besides just how fantastic they look and smell, Mojsoaps are suitable for both face and body, and for all skin types. The soaps are milk-based for added vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and creaminess, and they use essential oils for the scent. 

Mojsoap. Best Egyptian Natural Skincare and Beauty Brands

Their soap line looks like art, with items such as Anti-Ageing Turmeric Bar, Tea Tree Mango Butter Bar and Rose Clay Himalayan Salt Bar. They’re also known for their donkey milk bars, which have tightening, toning and anti-ageing properties. Mojsoap also has gift sets and special lines for the holidays.

You can shop Mojsoap products online from their website, or you can find them at the new Grand Egyptian Museum

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