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7 Best Places To Stay In Aswan, Egypt

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Kato Dool Nubian Houses

Accommodation in Aswan is a mixed but limited bag of nuts -- you have your 5 star hotels, budget motels, Nubian guesthouses and random B&Bs… but just not that many. And not all are worth your hard-earned dinero.

So we took it upon ourselves to sort through the hits and the duds and give you the real truth -- the pros and the cons-- about the best places to stay in Aswan.

Local tip: because getting around Aswan and arranging cars and boats isn’t the easiest, your hotel/guesthouse will be doing most of this for you, so it’s important you pick a place where you find it easy enough to communicate with the front desk/reservations manager. Or if you’re a shrewd one, you can strike up a friendship with a local driver or boatman who will probably give you cheaper rates.

Local tip #2: make sure you have cash on you because some of the smaller establishments like Nubian guesthouses either don’t accept credit cards or have issues with their credit card machines, and ATMs are hard to come by in certain parts of Aswan. Cash makes everyone’s life easier.

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1. Sofitel Legend Old Cataract

Type of accommodation: 5 star hotel

It would be almost sacrilegious to start off this list with any other place. This world-famous hotel was built in 1899 by Thomas Cook and Sons, after the Cairo-Aswan railway was built in 1898 and there was a sudden influx of visitors and and not enough hotels.

It was an instant hit and quickly garnered a lot of famous guests over the years, including Tsar Nicholas II, Winston Churchill and Princess Diana. It became literally the stuff of ‘legends’ as its current name suggests, when Agatha Christie used it as the backdrop for her famous novel, Death on the Nile. The 1978 movie they made out of the book was shot there too (so was the famous Egyptian TV series ‘Grand Hotel’).

For more historical hotels in Egypt you can stay at until today, head here.

Pros: the history, the architecture, the views… it’s 5 star all the way.

Cons: THEIR PRICES. If you want to stay here, you better be ready to pay for it.

Their website.

2. Kato Dool Nubian House

Type of accommodation: Nubian guesthouse

One of the colorful Nubian guesthouses you see lining the Nile in the Gharb Soheil area of Aswan, where the Nubian Village is.

Meaning ‘Big House’ in Nubian, Kato Dool offers 8 standard rooms and 5 triple rooms all with Nile views, so it definitely has a more homey feel than a larger hotel. They have a Nubian restaurant that serves up traditional Nubian dishes, grills, and other more standard Egyptian favorites. They also serve shisha but not alcohol.

Pros: the beautiful Nubian architecture and being right on the Nile.

Cons: it’s not close to anything besides the Nubian village, which means transportation by car or boat is constantly needed and for relatively long distances, which is a considerable added price.

Their website.

3. Mövenpick Resort Aswan

Type of accommodation: 5 star hotel

Located on Elephantine Island, this 5 star hotel provides everything you would expect from a high-end hotel: several restaurants and bars (some right on the Nile with views of the Tombs of the Nobles and Aga Khan Mausoleum), a beautiful pool and amenities like a free and fast ferry to and from the island. They also have a tower restaurant called Panorama with 360 degree views of Aswan which are just insane.

Pros: the service, amenities and being in close proximity to many of Aswan’s sights.

Cons: the food at the Panorama restaurant was severely lacking last time we were there -- they under-delivered and overpriced. Stick to just drinks and enjoying the view if you’re there.

Their website.

3. ECO Nubia

View of Philae Temple from their restaurant

Type of accommodation: ecolodge

ECO Nubia is an ecolodge on the remote river island of Bigeh, located between the Aswan Dam and the High Dam (all the other places on the list are north of the Aswan Dam). Besides single, double and triple rooms, ECO Nubia offers day-use at their Bigeh Beach, and a Nubian restaurant called Solaih that overlooks the nearby Philae Temple.

Pros: their dedication to developing the island for both tourism and locals alike in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. Also the view of Philae!

Cons: how remote they are.

Their FB page.

4. AnaKato

Type of accommodation: Nubian guesthouse

Probably the most famous of the Nubian guesthouses in Aswan, AnaKato (meaning ‘our home’ in Nubian), is located in the Gharb Soheil area of Aswan, where Kato Dool (above) and the Nubian Village is, right on the Nile.

What started as a small guesthouse has now expanded into several AnaKato properties spread out over Gharb Soheil, and you can choose what kind of room you want: they have basic rooms, family guesthouses and superior chalets. They have an in-house restaurant and are known for their Nile-side New Year’s Eve parties.

Their superior chalet

Pros: the views from their superior chalets are incredible, and their reservations manager Shaimaa is very helpful in sorting out transportation and activities.

Cons: their service can be slow, so either give them looots of prior warning (for example, order lunch 2 hours before you’re hungry) or just acclimate yourself to the go-with-the-flow vibe. Gharb Soheil again a bit of a distance from Aswan’s main sites.

Their FB page.

6. Ashry Narty

Type of accommodation: Nubian guesthouse

Newly opened in 2017, Ashry Narty (meaning ‘Island of Beauty’ in Nubian) overlooks the Nile in Gharb Soheil in the Nubian Village. Unlike most places in Aswan and Egypt as a whole, they have standard room prices that apply to both Egyptians and non-Egyptians (prices for the two usually differ).

Their rooftop restaurant has Nile views and serves traditional Nubian and Egyptian fare.

Pros: the view from their communal social area/restaurant

Cons: it’s not right on the Nile but set back a little. Also same issue as other Gharb Soheil properties -- it’s a bit far from the rest of what Aswan has to offer.

Their FB page.

7. Hadouta Masreya

Type of accommodation: Nubian guesthouse

Translating to ‘Egyptian Tale’ in Arabic, Hadouta Masreya is a small guesthouse built on a Nileside hill in Gharb Soheil. Its maximum occupancy is 23 people, so it’s definitely a smaller and more intimate affair than a larger hotel.

They offer rooms with private bathrooms as well as rooms that use a shared bathroom for those who are on a strict budget. They have a ‘sky roof’ with beautiful Nile views where you can have your meals.

Pros: the Nubian design and decor of the place.

Cons: there’s quite a few steps for those who try to avoid stairs. Same issue with the other places in Gharb Soheil -- the distance from the other sights.

Their FB page.

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